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NBT is deeply rooted in the relationships we have intentionally developed with our clients. We believe that the only success that matters is value added to clients not ends or volume. If you focus on value added the rest will take care of itself.

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PCB Equipment, Tools, and Supplies Online

PCB Prototyping has been a machining manufacturer selling tools, equipment, and supplies to colleges, corporations, and the government for over 32 years. We work directly with the companies to provide end customers unmatched access to the newest PCB prototype technology.

Why Choose Us

Bungard Electronik

Bungard offers a variety of products in addition to the chemical etching system, such as a multilayer pressing machine, a through-hole plating system, and accessories.

MITS PCB Prototyping Machines

MITS offers compact milling machines for PCB prototyping without chemicals. The machines come in several models to fit every budget and every requirement.

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PCB Tools

Our suppliers design and manufacture PCB design tools with the finest carbide grades suitable for various PCB applications.

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Outstanding Support

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. Our friendly, professional team is committed to serving you with unparalleled support and quality products to maintain solid relationships.

Value-Added Services

NBT is deeply rooted in the relationships we have developed with our clients. We strive to offer value-added services to our clients by providing a comprehensive catalog of the highest quality tools to professionals online.

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