For cutting of PCBs (0-3 mm), Aluminium (0-2mm), steel (0-1 mm), plastics (0-5 mm) and even films and artworks.


RBM 300

A professional brushing machine designed for use in small series production and laboratories.


RM 402

It is ideally suited for professional prototyping or small batch production in modern PCB laboratories. The machines perform double side operation.


RDC 15 Dip Coater

Or laboratory dipcoating of modern liquid photoresists. Designed with a variety of speed, iteration, dipping, and drip times and heavier workpieces(1.5 Kg).


RDC 21-K Dip Coater

designed for laboratorydip coating. They can be used to apply liquidphotoresists to e.g. miniature etching parts or othersubstrates, to apply liquid solder mask or any otherkind of protective or technical coating. Today amore and more popular application is the so called:"solgel-application". This machine was developedto meet the demand of a greater variety of speeds,iterations, dipping and dripping times and heavierwork-pieces (5 kg).


RDC 30 Dip Coater

6 cups for multi-coating. Max workpiece 1.5 kg.


RLM 491 P Dry Film Laminator

Especially made for small companies, schools, research and development departments. All commercial laminates for PCB manufacture and mould-etching technique can be processed.
Due to adjustable pressure control and adjustable laminating speed, solder mask application is also possible without problems. The machine is also used in very successfully in other application fields



DL 500 Spray Etch

The DL 500 is a double sided conveyorised spray etching machine with integrated rinsing zone. This machine is easy to maintain and fits perfectly to a modern PCB laboratory. The maximum capacity within one hour is 10 m². Designed for being used for laboratory purposes, there are lots of different applications (e.g. spray developing of tenting or solder mask) and options available. Of course the machine can be modified according to your needs.


Splash Center/Splash Center XL

Laboratory etching machine with static and spray rinse, integrated developer tank, a reserve tank for e.g. chemical tinning and a squeeze dryer. The Splash-Center is suitable for double-sided PCBs. Special emphasis was put on ergonomical and clean etching and rinsing as well as on low chemical drag out. A typical workflow for example is to use tank 1 (spray compartment) for etching, tank 2 and 3 for rinsing, tank 4 (with centrifugal pump) for developing and tank 5 for tinning.


Jet 34 D

Powerful spray etching or spray developing machine mainly designed for use in pcb labs. Capacity up to 3m²/h possible (single-sided, positive material).


Splash/Splash XL

Spray etching machine for laboratory use with integrated static rinse. Machine is suitable for double sided material. Special emphasis was put on ergonomical and clean etching and rinsing as well as on low chemical drag out.


Titan 3500

a double-sided spray etcher for high precision applications. In addition to the patented nozzle system, which ensures uniform wetting of the substrate, the substrate is rotated during the etching process to reliably prevent the formation of an etch shadow and uneven etching by e.g. the trace geometry. This enables structure resolutions down to 40μm with a m with a copper thickness of 35μm with am.


Eurolux LED Exposure

a vacuum exposure unit for single-sided contact exposure of photo-coated base material, copying films etc. Recommended work area: 454mm x 130mm.


EXP 3040 Exposure

a high speed double sided exposure machine mainly designed for high resolution production of printed circuit boards, stencils and clichés in small and medium quantities ! Two special 50 W LED bulbs ensure almost parallel light. Recommended work area: 300mm x 400mm


EXP 8000 Exposure

The EXP 8000 is a high speed double sided exposure machine mainly designed for industrial production and equipped with two 4000 W mercury halide lamps. These lamps in about 900 mm distance from the PCB ensure almost parallel light.
ecommended work re : 600mm X 600mm


Hellas Exposure

Precision vacuum exposure unit for double-sided contact exposure of photocoated base material, print films and more.

With the vacuum Hellas unit you can process all photosensitive products with spectral sensitivity in the near UV range (360-400nm). These are especially positive or negative photo-coated pcbs, printing plates made of nylon, aluminum, steel and diazo and transfer films.


LaserPro 3000 Laser Direct Imaging

The Bungard laser unit is an add-on-item for the Bungard CCD to expose photoresists, solder masks and Alucorex. The laser is mounted into the spindle holder instead of the high frequency
spindle and is controlled by the RoutePro 3000 software. The Bungard laser exposure unit is an answer to the demand of many operators for higher precision, faster processing speeds and
reduced tool costs, as it is the case for example with isolation milling.

As a result, it is possible to switch from isolation milling to wet processing without the exposure unit and photoplotter.

Please note that this inexpensive add-on gives excellent results for prototypes, but due to its technology, it is much slower than an industrial direct imager.

Converting Gerber to HPGL works best when macros and polygons are avoided when making the Gerber export from your design software.


Filmstar Photoplotter

our bitmap photoplotter series. Optimized for inhouse production of high end film layouts at reasonable price level the system can directly proceed (extended) Gerber files (RS 274X or RS 274C) or b/w bitmap (.bmp) files. Available in 3 sizes: Small, Standard, and XL.


RMP 210 Multilayer Press

Number of layers is only limited by the maximum lift of the press plates (38 mm). Using separating metal sheets one can press a couple of boards over each other at the same time.
A compact and floor standing aluminium rack contains all parts of the unit including pressure supply, press plates and heaters.
The large loading door allows quick and easy access to the press chamber and is of course security switch protected.
Board size: brutto: 250 x 350 mm
Pressure: > 12 t
Temperature: max. up to 250°C
Heating up: approx. 30 min.
A compressor, which is integral part of RMP 210 / RMP 3545 is stored in the back of the machine.
In the front, you will find additional storage room for tools or boards (lower door). The unit is controlled by two digital and adjustable thermostates, one digital timer as well as a
pressure valve with pressure meter. Four strong air ventilators are activated automatically during cooling cycle.


AIR 2000 Dryer

a conveyorized PCB Dryer. Adjustable transport speed ensures perfect drying of holes and surfaces after all wet process sequences.


Sprint Dryer

The SprintDryer can be connected in any way to any type of sprint, with a suitable dryer available for each throughput width of the Sprint series. Of course, you can also use the SprintDryer
together with the DL500 or as a stand-alone-unit with or without an underframe and with or without an inlet or outlet table. First the wet board is pre-dryed in two squeeze zones. After that
the board is completely dried in a hot-air stream. The cross flow fan with integrated heating element generates uniform laminar airflow across the whole working width. The board runs automatically through the drying zones of the SprintDryer.
The speed of the roller drive is continuously adjustable in a wide range. Special beard roller assures a uniform transport of the PCB through the machine. The construction of the rollers allows drying boards with different thicknesses.


ULX 110

our classic appliance for temperature control in science, research and material tests in industry.

This machine is a perfect masterpiece in terms of technology and is made of high-quality, hygienic, easy-to-clean stainless steel. In regard of ventilation and control technology, overtemperature protection and precisely tuned heating technology all possible aims are perfectly fulfi lled.


QualityScan 3000

a fully integrated, stand-alone process control, measurement and inspection workstation for use in many applications in multiple industries.
QualityScan 3000 uses a PC Windows based software package integrated with a highresolution, calibrated, A3 size fl atbed scanner. This combination allows for inspection of parts at
virtually any stage of production. Parts can be inspected versus Gerber data, CAD data or Golden parts.


HotAir 06

a solder oven for SMD component with the use of lead free paste. The oven is work-ing with full convection forced air during the preheat stage. When the reflow stage is entered the heating will be done by hot air and quartz lamps. The lamps are needed to get a short ramp speed. When the reflow set point is reached the lamp power will be reduced to a minimum. At this point 85% of the heating is caused by forced hot air. This unique feature makes the oven suitable for solder big SMD components and/or components with pads while using lead free paste.


HotAir 3000 Oven

a stylish, practical reflow oven for manufacturingand reworking of SMT products.
The oven has a large display. The intuitive menu navigation is controlled by a membrane keyboard. The product uses highly efficient infrared heating elements and has several thermocouple temperature gauges. Due to this and the precise evaluation in the microprocessor, the temperature curve of the reflow process is highly accurate and the temperature in the respective reflow sections very uniform.
With the HotAir3000 all common alloys can be processed. The oven has an automatic error detection with alarm.
This product has a variety of applications such as reflow soldering, repairing, drying and so on. It is suitable for SMT small series, for research and development of electronic products,
school, education and study. The operating system software is in English. The stove is well insulated by a special aluminum silicate cotton, which reduces energy consumption, protects the circuit and allows optimal operation and keeps the temperature in the furnace constant.


PrintStar 3000 Stencil Printer

A manual printing machine with high precision is mainly designed for requirements of single or double-sided circuit board solder cream or red glue printing. The working platform is processed by cellular positioning hole with high-quality aluminum and its pedestal is welded by thick steel plate with steadiness and
durability. Its characteristics are as follows:
● Circuit board adopts positioning needle, fixed rod and fixed plate for positioning, which can ensure convenient positioning and accuracy of repeated operation.
● Make ready mode is made through stencil's movement and combined with fine adjustment and correction of X, Y axis in printing platform, which is convenient and quick.
● Stencil stent uses spiral bearing and height can be adjusted up and down, which is convenient to control PCB's thickness and volume of printing cream.
● Printing plates are fixed by four rotary knobs with platen and it is quick and strong.


SMT 3000

Manipulator for the production of prototypes and small series. The patent-registered Pick & Place head enables the comfortable handling of SMD-components. The modular-built system can be
confi gurated for every use. It realizes the complete process - starting by dispensing of solder paste or glue up to assembling different components.


SMT 3000 ECO Light Plus

Manipulator for the production of prototypes and small series. The patented Pick & Place head enables easy handling of SMD components. The modular system can be configured for any application. The system realizes the entire process from applying the solder paste or glue to assembling the various components.


Compacta 30 PTH

designed to meet the demands of professional direct metallization. It can take boards up to 210 x 300 mm² and has 5 treatment tanks (cleaning - pre-dip - catalyst - intensifyer - reserve
tank) and one galvanic plating tank. Two treatment tanks are thermostatically controlled and equipped with a teflon heater. Bath movement on all tanks is performed with DCgear motor.
The stroke speed is stepless variable.
The galvanic plating tank comes with an integrated air injection and a stepless regulated rectifier. A Volt- and an Amperemeter show the current electric values. Special emphasis was put on a unique rinsing technique. A double cascade rinse and a spray rinse, the latter activated via foot switch and a magnetic valve, are integral parts of the COMPACTA 30. We also offer the COMPACTA as a complete system including chemicals, anodes, anode holders and board holders.


Compacta 40

Based on the same principle of construction as our Compacta 30 series, the Compacta 40 2CU is optimized for higher productivity. You can manufacture boards with a maximum size of 300 x 400
mm2 . This enlargement plus an integral, second plating bath leads to almost 4 times higher daily throughput with only little more space requirements. Based on the COMPACTA-series we also produce machines for other chemical systems.

Alternatives for improved surface qualities:
Bungard is also experienced in galvanic nickelgold-systems for long lasting, bondable surface quality. Moreover tin-, blackening- or sealbond-systems are available. Contact us for your individual, customized solution.


BEL 3, BEL 5, Typ Types
BEL 6, BEL 7, Typ Wafer

Hitec 2030 + 3040

universally applicable electroplating machines for the deposition of metals and serve for the production of plated-through-hole printed circuit boards in vertical technology for prototype and small batchproduction.
The HitecPlate 2030 and HitecPlate 3040 are designed for direct metallization and have baths for process steps cleaning, rinsing, pre-dipping, activating, rinsing, intensifying, rinsing, copper deposition.


Favorit Throughhole Rivets

Hand-operated machine, especially for mechanical through-holeplating purposes. Professional through-hole-platings by individual tools for each rivet diameter. Optimal contacts, even without soldering. Favorit offers high quality results at a low cost level.

Easy-handling and high-quality lever press also for jewellery and light punching applications, Made in Germany.